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REALTOR® Program

First Choice Home Builders, LLC Appreciates Realtors

Our Exclusive REALTOR® Program

At First Choice Home Builders, LLC, we understand the importance of referrals in the Realtor community, and it’s our commitment to create long-lasting relationships with you.

Not only are we an easy company to work with, but we go out of our way to make sure that you and your customer have the best experience possible.

We Make Your Job Easier

Our new home sales consultants are available to help you in every way. In fact, we make your job easier by taking many tasks upon ourselves, so you can save time and bring us new customers! Our exclusive services for realtors include:

  • Buyer Certification
    First Choice Home Builders, LLC will qualify each buyer and recommend loan officers to answer any
    financing questions.
  • An All-Inclusive Sales Process
    We will help your buyer move through the sales process – from selecting the right area to finding
    the perfect home and budget.
  • Writing Sales Agreements
    We will prepare the new home sales agreement package and all addendums.
  • Quick Payments
    Our process helps you get paid quickly.
  • Referrals
    By providing such a pleasing experience for your buyer, we can help you build a strong referral network
    and gain repeat business.

Together, we can accomplish more sales and generate a positive experience for everyone.

To qualify for the First Choice Home Builders, LLC Realtor Cooperation Program, the Cooperating Broker and/or Agent must comply with the following criteria:

  • Cooperating Broker and/or Agents must be duly licensed and active in the state of Florida.
  • You MUST accompany your buyer, in-person on the first visit to the community or sales office – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • For the proper identification of all people representing customers of First Choice Home Builders, LLC and interacting with the First Choice Home Builders, LLC sales team members, we request the presentation of proper statewide issued ID of the Broker and/or Agent. Acceptable forms of ID are an active Driver’s License, or Real Estate License; either of which will be recorded and held securely in our data-base, which will also be utilized to facilitate successful payment. First Choice Home Builders, LLC does not permit telephone registration.
  • No registration will be allowed by an agent, if the buyer has previously visited and registered without the agent within 90 days in any of First Choice Home Builders, LLC model locations.
  • In the case where the buyer is referred by two or more different agents, or real estate companies, we will designate the agent for payment that is named by the buyer at the time the purchase agreement is executed by buyer.
  • The builder and buyer’s agent agree that if a contract is not signed by buyer and executed by the builder after this registration, this registration shall expire and be voided 60 days after original buyer/agent registration, unless renewed for an additional 60 days by an in-office visit with both buyer and agent present.
  • It is understood that the buyer may be contacted by the builders preferred lenders to offer program choices that may benefit the buyer.
  • *Base price is the base price of selected home at time of sale and does not include additional options selected at time of sale or later add ons and/or Change Orders or Pool.